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PHSL is proud to be part of BTE( Bridge-to-Employment) Kenyan Chapter which caters for 35 to 50 students, together with other partners such as

johnsonnjohnson FHI kenya education fund
nairobi university nazarene kmtc

The partner schools that are part of of the program are; St Anne Gichocho and Tala High School.

Impact of the program to students are;

Appreciation of courses and programs in the HS. 
Relating of subjects learnt in class to careers 
Improved confidence as they continue to interact with mentors and participate in different presentations and team activities. 
Positive influence of other school aspects thus, sense of pride.
More partner network for KEF 
Huge pool of volunteers with diverse backgrounds.

The planned activities for this year BTE program are;
Health Clubs
Health Challenge
Community Service
August Holiday Camp/workshop