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To ensure uninterrupted supplies of required commodities, PHSL undertakes demand and supply forecasting, develops and submits forecasts to the manufacturers of individual commodities used under the various programs to ensure that these forecasts are included in the manufacturing pipeline. We also liaise closely with end users to be able to monitor of stock levels, usage and expiry for efficient inventory management .


Regular liaison with manufacturers to place orders and continuous follow-up ensures timely delivery to local programs. Monthly reports are prepared related to the progress of each order until delivery and submitted according to the terms of trade negotiated.

  • Government Waiver and Import Documentation Processing
    Established relationships and contacts at local government departments have facilitated obtaining waivers for shipments, processed Import permits with the regulatory bodies and processed Import Documentations with Customs authorities – all ensuring timely delivery of requisitioned items.

Inbound Shipment and Customs Clearance:  Customs Clearance of consignments and arranged delivery to designated warehouse upon clearance and checking is already conducted to ensure consignments are cleared in a timely manner and  received in the warehouse in good order and condition without exposure to weather elements and undue delay at customs resulting in payment of demurrage. Other services include loading and off-loading at various pick-up points including warehouse-site loading and transit goods loading.

Warehouse and Inventory Management: PHSL has in place modern warehousing facilities, and a system that ensures that all inventory is managed well and that commodities are stored as per internationally recognized good storage practices (GSP). PHSL offers services such as storage, packing, repacking and racking of commodities. PHSL also undertakes insurance and risk Management for all commodities inventory in the warehouse and on transit by  insuring  against theft and fire.

Order Management Processes

PHSL has clearly defined order processing steps that ensure order fulfillment process achieves maximum efficiency. These include the following:

  • A standard order form is used whereby customers fill in their order requirements to facilitate order processing.
  • PHSL provides a number of options for order submission to meet various customers’ needs including e-mail, fax, placing orders on phone, hand delivery and through postal or courier services.
  • On receiving customer orders, a confirmation of receipt is sent either through email or phone call.
  • PHSL has internal order approval processes to ensure incomplete orders are verified with the customers for additional information.
  • Approved orders are then distributed to all relevant parties to complete actions related to the order.
  • In carrying out the order fulfillment process, PHSL strives to ensure superior customer service. We place a premium on extensive communication with our customers ensuring that they are aware of every step in processing their orders. Some of our communication with our customers include:
  • Availability of goods in their order.
  • In the event that commodities are unavailable or need to have their quantities altered or expected delay in delivering goods.
  • Informing customers on goods dispatch and expected delivery date.
  • Request customers to confirm receipt of goods.
  • Collection of customer feedback on services rendered.

Goods Distribution to End User: 

PHSL undertakes transportation and delivery of the pharmaceuticals, nutritional and test reagents to designated sites directly or through third party contractors such as DHL and local courier companies in compliance with all applicable manufacturer requirements and following Good distribution Practices.