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  • PHSL is the procurement and warehousing sub-contractor for the multi-year PEPFAR funded USAID|Kenya Pharma Project managed by Chemonics International Inc. as the prime contractor. The project is in operation since 2009 and is serving 147 direct ordering points that translate into 472 service points with required ARV, OI and PMTCT commodities targeting 360,000 (ARV), 750,000 (OI), 71,550 (PMTCT mothers) & 71,500 (PMTCT infants) respectively. We are currently reaching over 300,000 adults on ARV’s and over 600,000 on OI’s. The specific roles that PHSL undertakes include forecasting & quantification, procurement, warehousing and order processing.

  • PHSL is contracted by FHI 360 (formerly AED – Academy for Education and Development) to provide countrywide supply chain services for the Nutrition and HIV Program (USAID¦NHP) in Kenya. The project serves 156 ordering points that serve an additional 356 facilities.

  • PHSL is also the contracted agent offering procurement, warehousing and distribution services for the UNITAID/CHAI Pediatric & Second line ARV’s and Lab reagents. Currently there are over 32,000 pediatric patients on ARV’s.

  • PHSL is contracted by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to offer distribution services relating to premix supply to food fortification projects in East Africa.

  • PHSL is a procurement partner of the collaborative public/private agreement that brings together partners from the Ministries of Health, Community Based Organisations, Faith Based Health Facilities and the Mission for Essential Drugs and supplies (MEDS) to provide an innovative solution to avail much needed insulin manufactured by Novo Nordisk to a target population (base of pyramid) at an affordable price. The project is currently being piloted in Nairobi and Nyeri targeting 2,000 new patients by June 2012 and is to be rolled out to the rest of the country from mid-June with a target of 30,000 new patients by end of 2014.

  • PHSL has recently been contracted by Kenya Association for Prevention of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (KAPTLD) to warehousing and insure Asthma medicines, receive and process orders for the Asthma medicines and undertake countrywide distribution.