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order managementPHSL has clearly defined order processing steps that ensure order fulfillment process achieves maximum efficiency. These include the following:

  • A standard order form is used whereby customers fill in their order requirements to facilitate order processing.
  • PHSL provides a number of options for order submission to meet various customers’ needs including e-mail, fax, placing orders on phone, hand delivery and through postal or courier services.
  • On receiving customer orders, a confirmation of receipt is sent either through email or phone call.
  • PHSL has internal order approval processes to ensure incomplete orders are verified with the customers for additional information.
  • Approved orders are then distributed to all relevant parties to complete actions related to the order.
  • In carrying out the order fulfillment process, PHSL strives to ensure superior customer service. We place a premium on extensive communication with our customers ensuring that they are aware of every step in processing their orders. Some of our communication with our customers include:
  • Availability of goods in their order.
  • In the event that commodities are unavailable or need to have their quantities altered or expected delay in delivering goods.
  • Informing customers on goods dispatch and expected delivery date.
  • Request customers to confirm receipt of goods.
  • Collection of customer feedback on services rendered.