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Mix Me Vitamin Mineral Powder:- curbing malnutrition in children

Vitamin Mineral PowderMicronutrient Deficiency is a global problem imposing enormous costs on societies in terms of ill health, lives lost, reduced economic productivity and poor quality of life. In Kenya there are high levels of malnutrition in children under 5 years of age particularly Anaemia and Vitamin A Deficiency (KNMS 1999). The distribution of MNP (Micronutrient powders) is one of  the High Impact Nutritional Interventions (HINI) adopted by the Government of Kenya.

We are pleased to announce the availability of Mix Me Vitamin Mineral Powder, a supplement pack for children from the age of six months up to fifty nine months from DSM Nutritional products. A box contains thirty (30) 1 g sachets with powder mixture of 15 Vitamins and Minerals that young children need for improved nutrition.

Mix Me is formulated with regards to the Recommended Dietary Allowance as stipulated by the WHO Standards. It is recommended by the Ministry of Health as a Vitamin-Mineral home fortification micronutrient supplement to be used with complementary foods so as to attain nutritional requirements of essential vitamins and minerals which may not be adequately met by the regular diet.


Vitamin and Mineral Powder helps:

  1.  Improves the body’s immune system
  2.  Improve a child’s appetite
  3. Improve a child’s ability to learn and develop
  4. Makes children healthy, strong and active
  5. Prevent Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Advantages of MNP

  • Lipid coating prevents  interactions between vitamins, minerals and food at the same time the coating prevents changes in taste and color of food
  • MNP can be added directly to food, Easy to use and highly ‘acceptable’
  • Lightweight, inexpensive, easy to store and transport.
  • Does not conflict with breastfeeding and promotes appropriate complementary feeding for children aged 6 months and beyond.