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In support of United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) 4a, 5a and 6, PHSL identifies several common health conditions affecting our target population, partners with other stakeholders to create awareness and educate the community on availability of healthcare services, provide quality healthcare and health commodities including affordable medicines.

Diarrhoea Treatment KitORS and Zinc for Diarrhoea management in Children
Diarrhoea being a number 2 cause of deaths among children in Kenya, PHSL has a role in promoting Government’s messaging on prevention and managing diarrhoea in children and Complementing the free public distribution of ORS and Zinc through, wholesale, trade and retail sales to the private sector- this is aimed to ensure increased availability and access to zinc and ORS in remote locations thus enabling every child who requires ORS and Zinc easy access to it.

What happens in diarrhea?

  • The reabsorption of water in small and large intestine reduces due to;
    • Destruction of epithelial cells.
    • Destroyed mucous cells.
    • Secretions inside intestine.
    • Hampered digestion process and
    • Destruction of commensals…lactic acid bacillus.
  • Increased fluid in faeces.
  • Water and electrolytes are lost.
  •  Vomiting may occur.

This leads to Dehydration.

WHO, UNICEF, MOH-KENYA recommendsORS +Zinc as the first line treatment of diarrhoea. 

  • How is diarrhea prevented?


    How is diarrhea prevented?

    • Water sanitation and hygiene
    • Adequate Nutrition
    • Breastfeeding   
    • Micronutrient supplementation  
    • Immunization

  • Why ORS


    Why ORS?

    • Diarrhoea causes dehydration due loss of Water and electrolytes from the body. ORS (dts) treats dehydration by replenishing this loss.
    • ORS (dts) can also prevent dehydration.
    • ORS (dts) reduces vomiting by 30%
    • ORS (dts) reduces stool volume by 20%

  • Why Zinc?


    Why Zinc?

    • Zinc appears to increase ORS uptake
    • Plays a vital role in the quality of the cell membrane and cellular functions
    • Helps in recovery of Epithelium
    • Helps in functioning of Immunity
    • Reduces duration and severity of diarrhoea
    • Increases the interval between subsequent bouts of diarrhoea
    • Children receiving Zinc tablets :
      • Appeared to recover quickly
      • Had increased strength and appetite were less ill than others.