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Benefits of PHSL Pooled Procurement

PHSL in effort to address concerns in the fast growing healthcare supply chain market in Kenya has prioritised the pooled procurement process to provide support to healthcare providers to resolve procurement bottlenecks and supply chain management challenges and facilitate the timely access to pharmaceutical and health products.

With our unrivalled pharmaceutical supply chain experience, spanning over 20 years, and working with a variety of reputable quality pharmaceutical manufacturers both locally and internationally, we strive to accrue the following benefits to our pooled procurement clients:

  • Through creation of strong bargaining power of the procuring entity, pooled pharmaceutical procurement members with small retail outlets will benefit from the economies of scale that are generated through joint procurement.
  • Increased access to quality essential medicines which are difficult to obtain due to the small quantities that individual members may require.
  • Through a central pooled pharmaceutical procurement agent, regulatory harmonization and pharmaceutical product standardization facilitates access to high quality, safe and effective medicines.
  • Improved transparency, report management and audit trail.
  • Improved contract management and problem resolution.
  • Better services at lower costs and increased purchasing power.
  • Pooled procurement will lead to savings and more affordable medicines.
  • Pooled pharmaceutical procurement aims to have quality essential pharmaceutical products available in the market at lower costs. With pooled procurement, considerable savings can be expected at the stage of information and work sharing among members.