iso certified

quality assuranceQuality assurance refers to the management activities required to ensure that the medicines (and/or other health products) that reach patients are safe, effective and acceptable to the patient. These activities may include, but are not limited to, (pharmaceutical products) registration, pre-qualification and quality control.

PHSL has a robust quality assurance system in place. The company has acquired international-standard QA compliance (ISO 9001:2008) which assures that our clients receive the highest possible level of quality service. We also conform to all regulatory and compliance standards in the Kenyan market and all other markets that we provide services to including full lot and batch traceability.

Pharmaceuticals and other health products procured by PHSL  must at all times comply with national regulations and, where applicable, be authorized by the national drug regulatory authority in the country in which they are used, following its standard practices for registration (or other forms of authorization, such as authorizations for special use).

Our quality assurance covers core business aspects such as:

  • Forecasting and quantification
  • Prequalification of products and manufacturers
  • Procurement  of pharmaceutical products
  • Storage of pharmaceutical products
  • Distribution of pharmaceutical products

It also covers support services such as finance, human resource, information technology and administration.