PHSL Kudos comments


“ The staffs at PHSL  respond very fast to any of our concerns and they take time to visit the sites. They maintain good public relation with us and are knowledgeable in what they supply.

proper packaging and labeling of drugs including numbering the items carton as per delivery note and packaging list. Timely delivery of commodities



The staffs are doing well. It is as if they are in office for me! Wherever I call or write, I get a timely and satisfactory positive response. In case of a query from my side, they call to inquire and consult before any action is taken. This is excellent professionalism. With the working conditions in wajir, I am motivated to work. You are in my shoes. Thanks. Have my hi five.

Wajir County referral Hospital,


Always willing to assist and they supply drugs that are in good condition

Nyeri PGH,


Always call us to discuss the order which helps us know where we stand and so decide on how to rationalize the drugs. Also incase of emergency they have always sent an early order to prevent stock outs.

Coast PGH,


The staffs will always respond to the phone calls and adequately work on areas of concern

timely delivery of commodities. Keep up with the good work.



They are good and efficient in their work with an excellent public relation
Efficient packaging

St. Elizabeth Mukumu,